Why You Should Register

More is Possible® with that ONE ideal resource, industry insight, leadership strategy, or design tool. Gain efficiencies, minimize risk and power up a win for your business at DesignPoint’s More is Possible® 2021 event. With interactive breakout sessions, a virtual tradeshow, and inspiring keynote speakers, you’ll leave this event knowing you’ve WON big.

Harness the Power of One/Won With…
Power Users – 3D Design & Printing experts give hands-on guidance to optimize your products and designs
Power Tools – An in-depth look at hardware and software that will transform your business
Power Professionals – Industry leaders share the One Power move your business needs to Win

Building on last year’s wildly successful virtual event, we’re leveling up our offerings this year with:

  • Educational Breakout Sessions
  • Buzzworthy Keynotes that everyone will talk about the next day
  • A Tantalizing Tradeshow featuring interactive video for a close-up look up
  • Best-in-class Networking to let Power Users like you get showcased, too!

Who Should Attend

Engineers/ Designers

The expectations for you are always high. Always keeping the need for optimization in mind, you are under constant pressure to design smarter, more efficiently and more collaboratively, and we get it. We’ll help you master the latest advances from SOLIDWORKS, including a deep dive into SIMULIA, the 3DEXPERIENC Platform, PDM and SOLIDWORKS 2022.


From concept to creation, you’re a master of managing the moving parts. But there’s always a need to do more with less, and navigating the disrupted supply chain feels like a never ending loop of delays and setbacks. Learn how to combine additive with traditional manufacturing to really power up your shop floor and take back control of your supply chain. Our industry experts show you real life applications that will save time and money, transforming you from a master into a maestro of manufacturing.

Upper Management

Your team can handle the hardware and software that makes your business hum. YOU need to focus on the Big Picture – those business and operations strategies that will optimize your efforts and gain efficiencies throughout your entire corporation. We get it. And we know how to help. We’ll do more than just TELL you how to improve your business. We will SHOW you with interactive workshops with the industry’s most innovative leaders. Learn from the best, and join the conversation with your own ideas!

Frequently Asked Questions

No. You do not need to download or install any software to participate. You only need to have access to the internet.
No. Some exhibitors may have the ability to request a video chat, it is not required in order to participate.
Your login information is the email address and password you provided during registration.
This is an online event. You do not have to travel to any specific location. You can participate anywhere that you have Internet access. The event is accessible from desktop, mobile and tablet devices.
Just like you would any other MIP Event! You can attend breakout sessions, network (chat 1:1 or in a group), and even (virtually) walk our Virtual Trade Show.
Yes. Like any physical event, we will have a swag bag for you! You can add documents provided to your online swag bag and then email them to yourself or share items with colleagues by simply entering their email.
Absolutely. Help us spread the word. You can simply share the link to this page and they can register at their convenience.
If you still have a question that wasn’t answered above, drop us a line here or email kfeltman@design-point.com , and we will get back to you as soon as possible.